Can bitless bridles be used in competitions?

This is a list of popular equestrian disciplines and their rules in the UK

Showjumping – BSJA – Bitless bridles are allowed except for ponies

Eventing – BE – Bitless bridles are allowed in the cross country and showjumping phases. Not allowed for ponies

Eventing – BD – not allowed at any level – like to complete bitless? Join our campaign

Endurance – EGB – Bitless bridles are allowed

Showing – many show societies rules books are not specific on the tack worn by horses but each showing discipline has a dress code which does not include bitless bridles

Ponies – BSPS/Pony club – bitless bridles are not allowed

Others – there are a wide range of unaffiliated competitions – dressage, jumping, hunter trials, showing, pleasure rides. The rules are set by the organiser and it is worth checking with them to see if bitless bridles are allowed, however many organisers adopt the same rules as affiliated competitons.

If you have any problems or success with using bitless bridles in competition then please let us know.

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